How to Tint Your Car Windows

Car window tinting is a popular car customization technique nowadays. It provides you with complete privacy. You will also be safe from the sun’s UV rays. The tint increases visibility by reducing the blinding light from the sun. It’s also a security measure because burglars won’t be able to see any goodies inside your car. The tint will keep you cool during summer and will protect your car interior such as the dashboard from fading.

There are lots of dealers out there who can tint your car, at a fee of course. However, car tinting is not a difficult task. You can do it yourself. This article will guide you on how to tint your car in five simple steps.

1. Clean the Window Glass Thoroughly

Clean window glass thoroughly when doing at home window tinting

Cleaning the windows is the first and most important step in car tinting. Don’t take any shortcuts and thoroughly remove any dirt or dust. Failure to do so can make your tint appear bumpy. To effectively clean the windows, use adequate water and soap, or preferably use a well-known glass cleaner. It’s recommendable to carry out tinting in an enclosed area, to avoid dust or dirt from settling on the windows after washing.

2. Measure the Window Sizes Accurately

Make sure you get the correct measurements of your windows. Don’t forget to have an additional two inches for every window. Don’t estimate. It’s best if you use a measuring tape for accuracy.

3. Evenly Cut the Tint

Cutting film evenly for auto window tinting

The third step entails cutting the tint as per the measurements of each window. Make sure that you include the extra two inches. It’s best if the tint is bigger than the window size because this guarantees that it will fit perfectly.

4. Installation

When installing the tint, you should spray the application solution on the glass. Gently remove the adhesive backing of the film. Begin placing the tint on the window. The sticky side should be in direct contact with the glass. Apply the tint from the bottom going upwards.

5. Smooth Out the Bubbles

Smoothing out the bubbles for automotive window tinting

Gently smooth out the bubbles that will have formed in between the glass and the tint. You can use a hand squeegee to remove the bubbles. Spraying hot water on to the glass can make smoothing out of the bubbles easier. With the help of a razor, cut off the excess film. Make sure the tint is covering the entire window.

It’s advisable to buy a window tint that comes with a manual on how to clean the windows. However, you should avoid any harsh window cleaners because it can make your tint fade easily. After installing your tint, avoid rolling your windows for three to four days.

Following the above steps will help you properly install tint to your car windows. It’s not a complicated task, but you should ensure you have all the materials. Applying the tint yourself will save you some cash. If you, however, incur any difficulties, don’t refrain from approaching a professional.


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